Bedroom Memories, 1998

Bedroom Memories, 1998

A dark room.
Blankets on the floor.
Just the light of an alarm clock.
Cars passing by.
Lights on the ceiling.

Relax and think of your own bedroom memories.

Video Art Projection 'Bedroom Memories'

In this video projection cars are passing by and cast reflections on the ceiling. That facinates me and the lights become the subject of a new video art project. The lights and the sound of cars passing by comfort the spectator.


2000 - AKI/Artez, Academy for visual arts, Enschede, The Netherlands
1999 - University Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
1998 - Vestzak Theatre, Enschede, The Netherlands

Technical Details

Due to decay of the video material over the past years, this project cannot be purchased anymore.


For ordering please contact me.

Keywords: Video Art Projection, Screen Projection, Bedroom Memories, Cars, Lights, Ceiling

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